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How to assign a hotkey to a menu command

Each main document window of Biblos has a menu bar. This bar contains all the main commands for document and software management. Each command in the bar can be assigned a hotkey.

To assign or change a hot key do the following:

- Enter menu Tools/Hot Keys....

- A window appears with a tree view of all commands and their hotkeys

- To assign or modify a key, select the command you are interested in and enter its Properties

- Inside the Properties, focus on the Hot Key field and press the key combination to assign to it

- Confirm the assignment by clicking the Ok button

- If the key combination is not used in any other command it will be assigned immediately, otherwise a window will ask if you want to reassign it

- Closing the hot key management window and returning to the document, pressing the chosen key combination will activate the command to which it has been assigned

The hotkeys management is also present in the contextual menus of every other Biblos window.