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A cookie is a small text file that is used during communication between browser and server to store data. For example, a cookie may store a user name and password for automatic authentication, the language used by the web interface, specific settings of the website you are viewing, etc. The cookie is always stored on the user's computer.

A cookie belongs to a domain/Internet site. The website (server) receives the cookie from the browser (client) at every request made by the latter. The website cannot know cookies from other websites. For example, DiGrande.it cannot know the content of Facebook.com cookies in any way.

How DiGrande.it uses the Cookies

DiGrande.it uses only Technical Cookies, useful for storing various data. For example, the language setting is stored in cookies.

DiGrande.it hosts third party widgets that may generate other cookies. Cookies generated by other organizations are independent, DiGrande.it cannot know their content in any way.

Read how Google uses the information provided by sites using its services.

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All modern browsers allow you to change Cookie settings. These settings can be found in your browser's Options or Preferences. If you block the use of cookies, DiGrande.it will still provide its services with some functionality limitations.