Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Supporto Tecnico

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The technical support that Giuseppe Di Grande provides to its users is distributed on several channels. The Manuals are a constantly evolving source offering detailed information on Biblos. The Social networks are dynamic and immediate channels in which you can participate and group. The Blogs are a useful tool to keep up to date and informed.

The Manuals

The help manuals are a useful reading to explore in detail all sections of the program. Already included in Biblos to form user aids, they are published in the same version also online, to allow consultation to a wider audience. The non-Italian version of the manuals, when present, has been translated by the Biblos translation collaborators. Go to Manuals...

Social Networks

Social networks are a valuable resource to participate in the life of Biblos. In particular, the Youtube channel offers explanatory videos to listen and watch Biblos in action, while the Facebook group hosts the software community where Giuseppe Di Grande offers free assistance.

The Blogs

Blogs are a way to stay informed about Biblos and other topics of technology. They are pages constantly updated by Giuseppe Di Grande, open to sharing and also to the support of other people. Usually the non-Italian version of the articles, when present, is translated through the use of automatic translators. Go to Blogs...