Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Open a Tactile Graph from the Archive

Window for selecting and opening a tactile graph. The archive from which to choose the graph to open is also available online, so there is an update button.

- Search: field in which to enter text to search for in the archive. The search is in real time, the list containing tactile graphs updates instantly;

- List: Contains the tactile graphs available in the archive. Moving between the graphs, the preview of the selected graph appears in a small box on the right;

- Description: Description of the selected tactile graph;

- Update from internet: button that allows you to update the archive of graphs. The update process prompts for confirmation;

- Open: Button that opens the selected tactile graph.

The archive of tactile graphics is edited by Giuseppe Di Grande. The collaboration of all those who are able to create new tactile graphics is welcome, in order to expand it and make it a useful resource for everyone.