Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Guide of Biblos

This manual describes in detail the Biblos word processor, its features and functions for working with the software. It describes windows, structures, concepts and basic logic of Biblos. More

Braille System of Biblos

This manual provides a comprehensive explanation of the Biblos Braille System, which is the environment designed for utilizing the braille functionalities of the software. It covers the various windows, structures, concepts, and fundamental logic of the Biblos Braille environment. More

The conditional language for Braille

Biblos has proprietary braille tables for braille transcription of text. The braille codes contained in a table can have a Boolean expression that can direct their transcription, making them an active part of the braille text translation process. More

Tactile Graphics Language

This manual describes in detail the Biblos Tactile Graphics Language, a real high-level programming language for constructing and drawing vector graphics, mainly used to print tactile graphics, but also useful for all other purposes where it needs to have vector graphics. More

Whats New

This manual describes in detail what's new in Biblos version updates. Each chapter contains a description of how to update a particular version of Biblos. More