Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.59

Update of 01/20/2023

- I have proceeded to merge the scripts developed by Vision Dept with those I develop. This work was done in agreement and collaboration with Vision Dept. Thanks to Vision Dept's great integration and development work, all users using Biblos with a braille display can now enjoy the correctness of the display content when reading and writing a document. Vision Dept is the Italian distributor of Jaws. The VD team will continue to take care of the development of the braille part of the scripts and check their operation with future versions of the screen reader. The scripts for Jaws are up to date and working until Jaws 2023. Installation is always done from the Help menu/Install scripts... Vision Dept can be reached at https://www.visiondept.it/

- New version of Nvda addon, verified and updated to the latest Nvda 2022.4

- For both Jaws and Nvda and their new versions of the scripts and addons, when you are in the calculator (Tools/Utilities/Calculator...) the behavior of the Enter key is slightly different, automatically reading the new line where the cursor jumps, i.e., the one with the result of the operation. Using the calculator in this mode reinforces the usability of the calculator.

- I fixed a particularly blocking bug when transcribing a braille document that appeared in the previous version of Biblos. The transcription system was heavily slowed down. It is now back faster than before

- All Biblos windows are undergoing a reorganization in order to make the space in which information is presented more airy and pleasant. So far the reorganization covers 30 percent of the available windows. Therefore now some windows-for example, all those for braille management-are presented in a new form, while others still possess the old 16/9 look. For the next version all Biblos windows will have the new proportions

- Bug fixes and general improvements