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Biblos 5.58

Update of 10/28/2022

- Very important news in the braille system. In the Customizing braille tables window you can create two types of elements: tables and groups. What is new are groups, containers with which you can transcribe using several tables at once.

- The Customizing Braille Tables window contains tables and groups. They can be distinguished by their location and the label beside them (GRP for groups, TBL for tables).

- The braille table creation window (Add button of the main Customization window) expands allowing you to choose whether to create a table or a group.

- New properties window for a group. From within it you can change the name of the group, add or remove its tables, change some of its properties.

- A table or group possesses an option that allows them to appear or not appear in the braille print window. Tables that do not appear are functional for inclusion in a group. Because of this option, for all user-created tables, it is necessary to enter the properties of the table you want to reappear, display the Advanced tab, and activate the "Show when printing" box.

- A table has a category. On the Advanced tab of the properties, there is a "Table Type" field from which you can choose the category to which it belongs. The categories available for now are: Literal, Contracted, Symbols, Math.

- The braille print window shows the list of groups and tables. You can choose whether to prepare a braille document using a group or a table.

- The export window in BRF makes use of groups.

- Braille contexts can use groups.

- The window for opening a BRF file contains new options. From a box you can choose whether to open a 6-point or 8-point braille file. The status bar indicates the source structure of the document being opened: braille dots, characters per line, lines per page, total number of pages.

- Internal changes to braille preview, now faster to open and independent of print braille templates.

- Biblos is now faster to open.

- Integrations to the manual.

- Bug fixes.