Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.40

Update of 03/26/2021

- Updated the OCR module: now it has 41 recognition languages, better quality, more speed and more accuracy.

- Slightly changed the system that manages the language of the interface. If before the default language was Italian (when in other languages there was something not translated the Italian text was used), now the default language is English. This allows you to add interfaces not completely localized, having as default language English, language globally known and used.

- Updated the scripts for Jaws. After installing them, among the options of Biblos (Jawskey+V) there is the option Read list view. It is used to solve the problem of reading list views on Windows 10.

- Added hyphenation groups for French (by Elio Medici), Croatian and German (by Zoran Rogic). These are partial hyphenation groups and need further additions.

- Corrected the braille table of Croatian (edited by Zoran Rogic). Corrected the table of unified English, by me and Pedro Zurita.

- Updated the interfaces of French (edited by Elio Medici); of Croatian (edited by Zoran Rogic); of Brazilian-Portuguese (edited by Cassio Santos); of Serbian (edited by Gradimir Kragic). For the first time Biblos speaks Dutch, now this language is also present, edited by Angela Prando Fekken.

- Bug fixes.