Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.39

Update of 01/29/2021

- New book dedicated to the conditional language used in braille transcription. It is added to the guides already present in the "Help/User Guide/" menu. From the guide on the Biblos Braille System, the chapters on conditional language for braille have been removed and merged into the new book;

- Five new instructions in conditional language for braille transcription are available.

The CU instruction checks whether all characters in a text are capitalized. It is similar to the Cu instruction, which checks whether at least one character in the text is capitalized.

The instructions Ch"..." and Cg"..." check if the preceding or following character is equal to one of the characters of the specified group.

The instructions Th"..." and Tg"..." check whether the preceding or following text matches the text of the specified group;

- The four new instructions that make use of character groups, have a processor that makes it extremely flexible to search for particular situations in the text, being able to use absolute, type and family characters in the comparison. For more information see the new book on conditional language;

- Internally, the processor for braille codes has been completely reorganized and corrected. Therefore, there may be errors, although tests have not shown any;

- Nvda addon update. It solves the problem of continuous document reading. Has been tested on Nvda 2020.3. Backwards works up to Nvda 2019.3;

- For the Nvda addon installation wizard, Biblos always uses the newest and most recent component. For those who need to use the addon on Nvda 2019.2 or lower versions, there is the old addon in the "Scripts/Nvda" folder to install manually. The old addon will no longer be updated;

- For security issues, the SavePicture tactile graphics instruction now prevents saving files inside system folders. Also, the system for loading a tactile graphics file has been optimized;

- Updated interfaces for Croatian by Zoran Rogic, for Brazilian-Portuguese by Cassio Santos;

- New version of Biblos Interface Editor;

- Bug fixes.