Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.32

Update of 05/22/2020

- Braille models now include ViewPlus Columbia. It makes braille printing with the printer of the same name a simple and precise experience. I wrote a short manual on how to install and configure ViewPlus Columbia. It is located at this address:


- In the Braille settings, on the General tab, there is now the Automatic settings button. Introduced to make the best use of the features of ViewPlus printers, in the future it may also be useful on other printer models. By clicking on it, it automatically sets some parameters: Characters per line and Lines per page, Pages per sheet, Width and height graphic area, Margins and Mirror margins in even pages. For now, it can only be used with ViewPlus Columbia.

- The Automatic settings button is also present in the Braille Configuration Wizard window.

- With the introduction of the braille model for ViewPlus Columbia, I added a new braille print mode internally. This novelty of the Biblos core may have caused bugs in the braille print with previous models. However, I believe I have developed the system carefully and without errors.

- Update of scripts for Jaws.