Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.31

Update of 02/29/2020

- Updated the Nvda add-on, also prepared for Nvda 2019.3;

- In the language of conditional expressions for braille, added the mathematical instruction Mvx# which returns true if a character is contained between brackets marked by the variable #. See the manual for more information;

- In the same language added the instruction index Il. It is used in letters or sequences of letters with which you want to activate the literal transcription of a word. For more information on its use, see the manual;

- Between the prefixes and suffixes of a Braille table added the codes: Literal Prefix and Literal Suffix; Mark the beginning and end of a word transcribed literally;

- Update of the Spanish contracted braille table, edited by Juan Pablo Bello;

- Update of user interfaces, by Cassio Santos, Elio Medici and Gradimir Kragic.