Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Options- View tab

This tab contains all the display settings of Biblos.

- In width forces the text in the window: if this box is activated, the program always tries to adapt the text to the width of the document window. This is useful if your document has images or elements wider than the window;

- Show Document Bookmarks - if enabled, will display the bookmarks visually using a vertical bar;

- Show Page Break: If this box is checked, page breaks are indicated visually with a horizontal bar;

- Show all special characters: If this box is activated, all special characters are shown on the screen. Special characters are space, paragraph end and line end. You can quickly turn this option on and off when you are in the document by pressing the key combination Ctrl+Shift+8. This mode is very useful for quickly checking the type of lines a document has;

- Show Hidden Text: if enabled, the document will still display if it has hidden text;

- Shows the document as the printout sheet: if this box is checked, the document will look like the printout sheet. The program tries to simulate the actual print display, but this is not a true WYSIWYG display, so the final print result may be different. You can quickly turn this option on and off when you are in the document by pressing the key combination Ctrl+Shift+1;

- Show Title Bar: if enabled, the title bar at the top of each document window is shown, otherwise hidden;

- Shows the icons in the menus: if this box is activated, the icons of the menu items are shown, otherwise they are hidden. Hiding the icons makes the menu items readable even to less advanced screen readers;

- Shows the horizontal scroll bar: shows or hides the horizontal scroll bar that appears at the bottom of the document;

- Show Vertical Scrollbar: shows or hides the vertical scroll bar that appears to the right of the document;

- Characters per line: If values greater than 0 are set in this box, each line displayed contains the maximum number of characters set. This option is useful for limiting characters per line, for example, if you are reading with a Braille display or if you are zooming in on characters. The basic structure of the document is not changed, because this setting only affects how you view the document.