Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Add or change a horizontal line

Horizontal lines are special elements that serve to separate one part of a document from another. These items are printed from both ink and Braille printing.

The window for adding or modifying a horizontal line has several fields containing the characteristics that the lines must have.

- Line type: from this box you choose the style of the horizontal line. The style of the line also affects the braille print of the line;

- Thickness: The field in which the line thickness is to be selected or entered. Effects only visually on screen or in ink printing;

- Color: Box in which you choose the color of the line. It can be a predefined color or a custom color.

Horizontal lines are special elements that are only stored in EBIBLOS format. In some formats, such as RTF or HTML, there is their reconversion, useful only for saving.