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Manage Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines are special elements that serve to separate one part of a document from another. These items are printed from both ink and Braille printing.

The customization window collects all the horizontal lines in the document in a single list.

- List: A list shows all lines. The list is divided into two columns, the first with the description and the second with the position in the document expressed as a percentage. The description of each line is formed by the style of the line, the thickness and the subsequent text. The list is associated with a contextual menu that contains the management commands;

- Properties: Shows the properties of the selected horizontal line. In the properties window the line can be edited;

- Delete: button to remove one or more lines;

- Close: to return to the original document.

A horizontal line is added using Insert menu/Horizontal lines/Add line.

To delete one or more lines you can use the management window, or you can use Insert/Horizontal lines/Delete lines menus. Deleting lines acts on the line where the cursor is positioned, or on the lines of the selected part of the document.