Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.66

Update of 09/16/2023

- The advanced settings of a Braille printer now have new features. The window's user interface contains three new buttons, equivalent to the keyboard commands already available. The Left Arrow button, equivalent to the left arrow key, to decrease the value of the selected option; the Right Arrow button to increase it; the Left-Right Arrow button with a bar to not use the option, equivalent to the Delete key. These buttons can only be accessed with the mouse, as the window already has keyboard commands to perform these operations.

- The page size values for Braille printers Viewplus Columbia, Embraille, Irie Buddy, and Irie Track can now be adjusted in increments of one-tenth of a millimeter. This change has led to the modification of all other Braille printer models. Until the new system will fully tested, these changes may cause instability, although there is likely to be no problem.

- In the OCR component, available separately from the Download page, Catalan has been added.

- In the tactile graphics environment, under the File menu, there is an option to export the 3D graph. For now, the command is disabled, pending its development.

- The ability to update Biblos for unregistered users has been limited. For those who do not wish to register, Biblos allows only one update, after which it prompts for registration. Registration is free, as is Biblos itself.

- Bug fixes.