Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.53

Update of 03/06/2022

- Available a new braille model for Braillo 300, Braillo 450 and Braillo 600 printers. This new model has been developed in collaboration with Tiflosystem and Associazione Progresso Ciechi.

- Available an updated braille model for Braillo 440, developed in collaboration with Tiflosystem and COALA social cooperative.

- New system for transforming images into tactile graphics. All the color reduction filters have been rewritten, making the transformation more precise. More filters have been added.

- The document context menu has been enriched with new commands, available depending on the element you are in and the state of the text.

- Update of the Dutch interface by Angela Prando Fekken, of the Serbian interface by Gradimir Kragic.

- Bug fixes.