Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.50

Update of 10/16/2021

- Added four new prefixes and four new braille suffixes. They are called personal prefixes and suffixes and can be activated at will in the codes using the flag instructions added for this purpose. Personal prefixes and suffixes are particularly useful for creating your own prefixes and suffixes to elegantly solve some transcription needs. The parts affected by this new feature are: the list of prefixes and suffixes in the General tab of a braille table; the personal prefix and suffix flag instructions in the context menu associated with the Conditions field of a braille code; the braille conditional language book containing the description of the new instructions.

- New printer model among those that can be used. It is the Gemini Super printer by Nippon Telesoft. This particular printer can print braille and ink on the same page, alternating braille lines with ink lines. The model was developed in collaboration with Tiflosystem, the Italian distributor of this printer. Biblos allows you to choose the printing mode, if only braille or braille+ink, and the font with which to print the ink characters. This printer is particularly suitable for elementary school, since it can produce double-printing dossiers that can be used simultaneously by teachers and children.

- For Spanish users of Jaws it is recommended to reinstall the scripts.

- Bug fixes.