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Biblos 5.42

Update of 07/22/2021

- New native format to open and save DOCX documents. It is no longer necessary to install the Microsoft component, now Biblos natively manages also this file format.

- New native format to open and save Markdown files. Markdown files contain simple text and some markup tags, to give the text a light formatting. Biblos handles the markup in a transparent way.

- The native format for opening and saving Html documents is now more accurate.

- Important internal changes for language files. Apparently little changes, but the internal organization of the data is now more consistent. Potentially transliteration of other characters can be added, for other non-Latin languages besides Cyrillic and Greek.

- Biblos Interface Editor receives new and important integrations and is separated from Biblos. Now it is also possible to transliterate transliterated characters, those used by screen reader scripts to transliterate ancient Greek and Cyrillic text. Now you can potentially transliterate any language. Status bars, toolbars, and bulleted and numbered lists can also be translated. Biblos Interface Editor is downloadable from Biblos download page.

- New scripts for Jaws. The most important change is in the option to read Greek and Cyrillic text. Now the option is unique and is called: Transliteration of text. Activating it reads the ancient Greek text, just like before. I've also tried to solve a problem with combined boxes.

- New addon for Nvda. This addon is compatible with the new Nvda 2021.1. The most important change is in the reading of Greek and Cyrillic. As in Jaws, the option is now unique and is called Text transliteration.

- Online help is now loaded as Markdown text, so it has or may have its own formatting.

- This version contains many internal updates that may cause instability. Although this version has been thoroughly tested, please report all suspected anomalies.