Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.38

Update of 12/18/2020

- In the tactile graphics environment I added the command to insert an image from the clipboard. It can be found in the menu Insert/Images/Image from clipboard... If you copy an image file to the clipboard from Windows Explorer, you can transform it directly into a tactile image using this command.

- In the conditional expression language for braille transcription I added two new flag statements. They are two instructions to force the inclusion of the capital prefix (XC) and the number prefix (XN). They are complementary to the two exclusion instructions (Xc Xn) already present in the language. For example, if you use the XN instruction in the conditions of a code, that code will always be preceded by the number prefix, regardless of the source text.

- New version of Biblos addon for Nvda. It solves the problem of slowness of Nvda - installed on 64-bit systems - when navigating in menus or other program windows.

- Removed the Lambda 6 dots and Lambda 8 dots tables from the braille tables. In any case they will remain among the tables of those who have already installed Biblos. Later, when the new installer will be available, in the new installations these two tables will no longer be there.

- Brazilian/Portuguese interface update by Cassio Santos.

- Bug fixes.