Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.35

Update of 09/08/2020

- Among the braille models is now available for ViewPlus EmBraille. Now this ViewPlus printer can also be configured and used with ease. I have written a short manual on how to install and configure ViewPlus EmBraille. The manual can be found among the blog articles. To find it in the search field of the site use: embraille

The braille models ViewPlus Embraille and ViewPlus Columbia have been realized with the collaboration of Tiflosystem. Thanks to Tiflosystem, all Biblos users around the world now have the possibility to use ViewPlus printers with extreme ease and precision, making use of Biblos' professional braille and tactile graphics tools at no additional cost.

- Corrections to the Unified English Braille grade 2 table.

- Bug fixes.