Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.29

Update of 10/19/2019

- Updating of scripts for Jaws. Solve a scripts problem with Jaws 2019;

- In Windows 10, and in general in Windows that need more privileges for copying files, during the installation of Jaws scripts, a Windows window now appears asking you to continue the operation with administrator rights. In addition, the user account control window may appear. This is to copy the Biblos per Jaws table into the Jaws installation folder. Previously Biblos notified you that it was impossible to do this; now it allows you to make the copy with the user's consent;

- Installing Jaws scripts on Windows XP may not work;

- I have reinstated the use of the scanner through the Twain drivers. Now Biblos detects scanners with both Wia and Twain drivers. Everything is transparent for the user. Twain scanners may not be detected on 64-bit systems that use 32-bit Twain drivers. In this case, the solution is to install 32-bit Biblos;

- Update of the interface and help in Brazilian Portuguese, by Cassio Santos.