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Biblos 5.27

Update of 08/10/2019

- Removed the features of Save information, the configurations of documents saved to external files. This feature remains available automatically only with EBiblos files, where the information is saved internally to the file;

- Updated the user interfaces: Spanish by Pedro Zurita; Brazilian-Portuguese by Cassio Santos; English by me;

- Updated the scripts for Jaws. They solve the problem of Jaws crashing during the continuous reading of the document when you meet more than three empty lines;

- Added OCR, optical character recognition. Inside the Tools menu there is now the OCR submenu. It contains the commands: Scan document, Read document, OCR Settings.

The Scan Document window allows you to scan images from scanners and recognize their text. The OCR Settings window allows you to choose the default language in which to recognize the text of the images. For now, the languages available are those of the Biblos user interfaces. In addition, I have added the recognition languages: Esperanto, Ancient Greek and Latin. I will add more languages if there are other contributors who will translate the user interface.

Reading out loud is not available for now, waiting to see if it is useful or not.

To have this new feature, you need to install the OCR module that I have prepared and added to the Biblos downloads. Therefore in the site www.digrande.it now there are two OCR modules, one at 32bit and the other at 64bit. You only need to install the one of your own version of Biblos;

- Added online help for these windows.