Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.26

Update of 07/28/2019

- Added checks to the filters for the text files, to correct the opening of texts formed by a single long line of characters, a situation that sent Biblos in almost block;

- In the Font and Paragraph windows, the Default checkboxes now have clearer functionality. By activating the Default box, the font and/or paragraph type is made the default for Biblos. By opening a new document, the font and/or paragraph you have chosen will be the default ones.

To remove these default settings, when you are on one of these boxes, click - with the left mouse button or with the space bar - holding down the Ctrl key. You will hear a deactivation sound and the default setting will no longer be there.

Visually: if the Default box is green it means that you have assigned settings to the font and/or paragraph, if it is black there is no assignment;

- Added online help for the Font and Paragraph windows;

- Updated the French user interface, by Elio Medici;

- Updated the online help in Brazilian-Portuguese, by Cassio Santos.