Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.23

Update of 12/21/2018

- Update of the French user interface, edited by Elio Medici. Thanks Elio!

- Removed the web component of Biblos. All internet services now use the browser configured in the operating system. The Microsoft WebBrowser component, used in the Biblos browser, had become obsolete, so much so that on some sites it was blocked. So now all internet services use your favorite browser. This is to the detriment of some features: in the browser now the Biblos scripts have no control. In the presence of ancient Greek text or Cyrillic characters Jaws + Eloquence, I also assume NVDA, back to read nothing, at least in the Italian version. I'm sorry, it's inevitable;

- Integrated additional feathures in the installation of scripts for Jaws, which now notify with a message if the installation was successful or not. The correction was necessary given the installation difficulties that some encounter on Windows 10, due to the permissions needed to copy files within some folders. This does not solve the problem, but at least notifies the anomaly;

- In the tactile graphics window the Help menu is now available containing the manual of the tactile graphics language.