Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.22

Update of 11/16/2018

- It is with pleasure that I announce a new translation of the user interface. Now Biblos is also in the Serbian language. Thanks to the work of Gradimir Kragic now Biblos also speaks in Serbian. The Serbian language has two writing systems, in Latin characters and Cyrillic characters. This translation is

in Latin characters;

- Always edited by Gradimir, now there is also a Braille table for printing in Serbian, both in Latin and Cyrillic characters;

- A new window dedicated to braille is available. It is called Braille in real time and is a useful tool to study or check the correctness of braille. This new window allows you to enter common characters and check their braille translation in real time. The braille characters shown in the window are naturally readable on the screen, even using a Braille display. This tool is mainly designed for teachers and support teachers who want to learn or review the Braille system;

- Integrations and corrections in the ancient Greek part of the braille table by Jaws for Biblos. Thanks to Giustino Rao for the collaboration.