Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Biblos 5.19

Update of 07/16/2018

- New facilities in the Braille Wizard window. If Biblos has never been configured it tries to detect the installed Index printer, configuring the Braille peripheral fields and the Braille model fields;

- Updated Biblos Interface Editor. He now has a new card for translating the tactile graphics archive. For those who see now the other tabs are more friendly;

- Change the tactile graph drawing instructions. Added the SPLINE instruction, to draw a quadratic curve of bezier. I also added VECTORTODEG and VECTORTORAD, to have the direction of a vector, in degrees and in radians.

- I have rewritten the ArcB instruction, hoping it will be the definitive and error-free version;

- The drawing of the graphs with the mouse has slightly changed. Now you draw the chosen figure, fix its base coordinates and, after having fixed the last point, you give a further confirmation with the left click. During the waiting phase, between the last coordinate and the confirmation, the figure can be rotated or scaled. The drawing phases show the figures of different color;

- Rewrites the window for opening a graph from the archive. It now has a search field, a list of touch charts, a button to update the archive of all touch charts and an opening button;

- In the site I programmed the archive system for the management of tactile graphics. It's the beginning to create an online archive of tactile graphics, possibly with the collaboration and help of everyone;

- Updated interfaces of French and Brazilian/Portuguese. Thanks to Elio Medici and Cassio Santos for their translation work.