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StringDelete- Deletes a part of a string and returns the remaining string

Function that erases a part of a string and returns as a result the remaining string.

- StringDelete(S,P,L): string


- (string) S: A string from which a part is deleted;

- (int) P: Position to start deleting. Ranges from 1 to the length of the string;

- (int) L: Amount of characters to be deleted from P (optional).


Use StringDelete to delete a substring of L characters from the P position. The function returns the remaining string. If the L parameter specifies more characters than those available, the function deletes the string until the end. If the parameter is not specified, only the character in the P position is deleted.


// Create a string variable

S = "Biblos"

// Deletes two characters from the third character

T = StringDelete(S,3,2)

// Variable T contains the string "Bios".