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Pen- Sets a pen type

Chooses the type of pen you use to draw lines and edges of figures.

- Pen(L,M,S)


- (int) L: integer number indicating the size of the pen. The minimum value is 1;

- (int) M: Pen mode. Indicates how the pen color interacts with the color on the graph.

0 normally draws using the pen color;

1 draw by combining the pen color with the color you find in the graph;

2 draws by inverting the colours in the graph.

- (int) S: Value that indicates the style of the lines the pen should draw;

0 solid lines;

1 line made with a series of dashes;

2 lines made with a series of dots;

3 lines made by alternating a dash and a dot;

4 lines made by alternating a dash and two dots;

5 Lines are not drawn. For omitting borders when drawing solid figures.


Use Pen to change pen type. The pen is the main drawing tool that traces the lines and edges of your figures. The default pen setting is with size 1, mode 0, style 0. To change the color of the pen lines, see the ColorPen instruction.


- Draw a red disc with a black circumference of size 3




- Draw a red disc without black circle