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Max- Returns the percentage fraction greater than the size of the graph

Function that returns the largest fraction of the drawing area taken from the largest percentage between its width and height.

- Max(P): float


- (float) P: percentage of the largest fraction to be derived.


To obtain the size in points of a portion of the drawing area, the Max function can be used. This function accepts as arguments the percentage P indicating the fraction of the desired area. The function returns the greater fractional value between the width and the height. For example, if the drawing area has a width of 200 points and a height of 150 points, and you want a 50% portion of the area, the Max function will return 100 points.

This instruction corresponds to the fractional numeric type "number+max." As in the previous example, "Max(50)" produces the same result as "50max." The difference between the two forms is that the fractional numeric type requires only explicit numeric values, while the Max instruction can accept variables, constants, functions, or other types of expressions.