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GraphicCrop- Crop the image to the chosen size

Crop the image to the specified coordinates and size.

- GraphicCrop(X,Y,W,H)


- (int) X: horizontal starting coordinate;

- (int) Y: vertical starting coordinate;

- (int) W: width in points;

- (int) H: height in points.


Use GraphicCrop to crop part of the image to the chosen coordinates and size. Cropping starts at the X Y coordinates, the trimmed frame is the W H size. The instruction will reduce the size of the graph according to the specified width and height.


Set the graphics area to 1900 x 1200 points


// ... other drawing instructions ...

// Cropping the image from the coordinate of 125 200


// The graph will now have the size 640 x 480, according to the cropping made