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Fill- Fills a surface

Fills a surface using the current brush or a specific color.

- Fill(X,Y[,C])


- (int) X: Horizontal coordinate of the point from which filling is to begin;

- (int) Y: Vertical coordinate of the point at which filling is to begin;

- (int) C: Fill color (optional).


The Fill instruction fills a surface using either the current brush or the specified color. The point from which filling starts is defined by the X Y coordinates. Filling shall be carried out from the colour of the starting point. The adjacent surface of the same color will fill with the current brush or the specified color. Filling with the current brush is done using either the texture or the brush color, depending on its setting. Instead, filling with a specific color is done using the C parameter. In this case the brush is ignored and the fill is forced with the specified color.

Drawing with the mouse:

From the drawing context menu choose Fill. Move the pointer to the position of the graph from which you want to start filling and press the left mouse button. Then the Fill instruction is immediately added to the touch graph. In this case, the Fill instruction does not use the C parameter (which can be added manually).