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Dot- Draws or detects the color of a point

Draws a point or detects the color of a point on the graph.

- Procedure: Dot(X,Y[,C])

- Function: C = Dot(X,Y): int


- (int) X: Horizontal coordinate of the point;

- (int) Y: Vertical coordinate of the point;

- (int) C: Dot color (optional for the procedure).


Procedure: The Dot instruction draws a point in the graph. The point is the simplest designable figure defined by the X Y coordinates. If you specify color C, the point is drawn with the chosen color, otherwise it is drawn using the current color (ColorPen).

Function: The Dot instruction returns the color of the X Y point.

Drawing with the mouse:

From the drawing context menu choose Dot. Move the pointer to the position of the graph where you want to draw the dot and press the left mouse button.

Once the coordinates of the point have been defined, to insert the instruction Dot in the graph, confirm with the left mouse button.

It is not possible to draw points continuously by holding down the left mouse button, as too many vector instructions would be added to the graph. Other instructions are recommended for drawing more complex shapes.