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Circle- Draws a circle

Draws a circle defined by center and radius.

- Circle(X,Y,R[,RO])


- (int) X: Horizontal coordinate of the center;

- (int) Y: Vertical coordinate of the center;

- (int) R: Radius length;

- (int) RO: Rotation around a defined point (optional).


Use Circle to draw a circle. The circle is defined by the points X Y (center) and R (radius length).

The circle circumference is drawn with the current pen and color (Pen, ColorPen), while the surface is filled with the current brush or color (Brush, ColorBrush).

The optional RO parameter rotates the circle around a point defined by the GraphicOrigin instruction. Without this instruction the rotation is carried out, but visually it has no effect.

Drawing with the mouse:

From the drawing context menu choose Circle. Move the pointer over a point on the graph and press the left button to fix the centre of the circle. Move the pointer to the desired size - you see the circle widening or narrowing according to the distance from the center - and press the left mouse button.

Once the circle coordinates have been defined, use the mouse wheel to rotate it around a origin point defined with the GraphicOrigin instruction. When using the mouse wheel with the Ctrl key, the circle is enlarged or reduced. To insert the Circle instruction into the graph, confirm with the left mouse button.