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Chord- Draws a chord

Draws a chord along the perimeter of the specified ellipse.

- Chord(X,Y,RX,RY,G1,G2)


- (int) X: horizontal coordinate of the centre of the ellipse;

- (int) Y: vertical coordinate of the centre of the ellipse;

- (int) RX: length of horizontal semi-axis;

- (int) RY: length of vertical semi-axis;

- (int) G1: degree of the starting point of the chord;

- (int) G2: degree of the ending point of the chord.


Use Chord to draw a closed figure consisting of an arc and a straight line that joins its ends. The arc is drawn on the perimeter of an ellipse defined by the points X Y (centre) and Rx RY (semi-axis length). The arc is drawn by following the perimeter of the ellipse, clockwise, from starting point G1 to ending point G2. The starting point and ending point are values expressed in degrees. The arc is closed by a straight line from point G1 to point G2.

The lines in the figure are drawn using the current pen and color (Pen, ColorPen, while the surface is filled using the current brush or color (Brush, ColorBrush).

Drawing with the mouse:

To draw a chord with the mouse see the ChordB instruction.