Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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All Instructions

This section lists all tactile graphics language instructions in alphabetical order. Each instruction has a description, a list of the parameters used, can have indications for drawing with the mouse and examples. The instructions are divided into:

- Drawing Procedures: Draw points, lines, and figures in the touch graph;

- Setting procedures: set useful values for the drawing;

- Functions in general: they return information to the graph, convert numbers, perform calculations, manipulate strings, etc. and always return a result.

Almost every instruction requires parameters and/or returns values. The labels to describe the data types are as follows:

- int: integer type. Contains a 64-bit integer;

- float: real type. Contains real floating point numbers;

- Num: Numeric type. It contains either integers or real numbers;

- String: String type. Contains character strings;

- Bool: Boolean type. Contains True or False;

- Var: all types. Contains any type of data.

Usually the Integer type and the Real type are interchangeable, because the interpreter, depending on the case, thinks to discriminate their use.