Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Union flag- Xu

- Instruction: Xu

- Parameter: none

- Return: none

- Description:

This is a complementary flag to the "Iu" instruction (Unable index with flag). The "Iu" instruction is useful for removing the space or spaces between words. The code with flag "Xu" always follows a code with flag "Iu", and between the two codes any space will be removed.

- Examples:

Text string: to

Braille string: 2345 135

Condition: Iu

Text string: be

Braille string: 12 15

Condition: Xu

Text string: have

Braille string: 125 1 1236 15

Condition: Xu

Description: If "to be" or "to have" is present, the braille processor will combine the two words into "tobe" and "tohave". So, if a word with the condition "Iu" is followed by a word with the flag "Xu", the transcription processor removes the space between the two words.