Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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The conditional language for Braille

Biblos has proprietary braille tables for braille transcription of text. The braille codes contained in a table can have a Boolean expression that can direct their transcription, making them an active part of the braille text translation process.

This manual describes in detail the Conditional Language for Braille Text Translation, a true high-level language that can be used in any braille code. The manual introduces some basic programming concepts, such as logical operators, instructions, and blocks. It describes in detail the syntax and semantics of this language.

For those new to programming, the logic and jargon used may not be entirely clear. If you want to learn more about Boolean conditions and logical operators, you can use any manual or resource on the net that deals with these topics. Also the chapter in the Tactile Graphics manual - contained in Biblos - where Logical Operators and the If Then Else construct are explained can be a valuable help.

The manual - as well as the Conditional Language - is written, designed and developed by Giuseppe Di Grande, who owns all copyright and publication rights, in any form and by any means.

Non-Italian versions of the manual, unless otherwise specified, are translated using DeepL, an automatic translator (www.deepl.com).

Table of Contents

  1. Conditional language and programmable braille codes
  2. Logical operators
  3. Blocks, short circuits and interpretation index
  4. Character Instructions
    1. Previous character- Cp
    2. Next character- Cn
    3. Previous character type- Cl
    4. Next character of type- Cr
    5. Previous character in a group- Ch
    6. Next character in a group- Cg
    7. Character preceding characters of a family- Cb
    8. Next character to the characters of a family- Ce
    9. Previous character equal- Ci
    10. Next equal character- Cf
    11. Abbreviation character- Ca
    12. Uppercase character- Cu
    13. Character all in uppercase- CU
  5. Word Instructions
    1. Begin of a word- Wb
    2. Middle of a word- Wm
    3. End of a word- We
    4. Whole word- Ww
    5. Real word- Wr
    6. Word between spaces- Ws
    7. Word beginning of line- Wi
    8. Word end of line- Wf
  6. Text Instructions
    1. Previous text- Tp
    2. Next text- Tn
    3. Text preceding the characters of a family- Tb
    4. Text following the characters of a family- Te
    5. Text previous group- Th
    6. Text next group- Tg
    7. Text previous double character- Ti
    8. Text next double character- Tf
  7. Font Instructions
    1. Current font- Ft
    2. Previous font- Fp
    3. Next font- Fn
    4. Previous font to the characters of a family- Fb
    5. Next font to the characters of a family- Fe
  8. Math Instruction
    1. Simple numerator- Mns
    2. Simple denominator- Mds
    3. Mathematics open numerator- Mn(
    4. Mathematics close numerator- Mn)
    5. Mathematics Open denominator- Md(
    6. Mathematics close denominator- Md)
    7. Mathematics sets simple power- Mps
    8. Mathematics end simple power- Mpg
    9. Mathematics sets expression- Mvw
    10. Mathematics end expression- Mvr
    11. Mathematics verification expression- Mvx
  9. Syllable Instructions
    1. Whole syllable- Sw
    2. Inside syllable- Si
    3. Syllable with uppercase letters- Su
  10. Flag Instructions
    1. Break flag- Xb
    2. Duplication flag- Xd
    3. Exchange flags- X1 X2 X3 X4 X5
    4. Exclude capital prefix flag- Xc
    5. Include capital prefix flag- XC
    6. Exclude prefix numbers flag- Xn
    7. Include prefix numbers flag- XN
    8. Numerical continuation flag- Xm
    9. Union flag- Xu
    10. Flag personal prefix - Xxb
    11. Flag personal suffix - Xxe
  11. Index Instructions
    1. Back index- I
    2. Next index- I+
    3. Index decrements string- I<
    4. Index increments string- I>
    5. Literal index- Il
    6. Unable index with flag- Iu
    7. Index always joinable- Ij
    8. Previous index merged- Ia
    9. Index restore- Ir
    10. Index store- Iw