Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Literal index- Il

- Instruction: Il

- Parameter: none

- Return: none

- Description:

This instruction should only be used with letters or sequences of letters. It activates the literal transcription of the word it is in. It can generally be used in tables for contracted transcription of braille, in order to transcribe words that contain certain letters in a literal way, that is, letter by letter. This instruction causes, in addition to the literal transcription, the word concerned to be marked at the beginning and end with the literal prefix and suffix.

If this instruction is used on a single letter, it is necessary to valorize the braille code of the letter, since it will be used anyway for the braille transcription of the same. If, on the other hand, this instruction is used on a sequence of letters, this sequence will be used only as an activator code for the literal transcription of the text, therefore the braille code assigned will be irrelevant. This instruction is executed only if the condition state is true.

- Examples:

Text string: xi

Braille string:

Condition: Il

Description: All words that contain the sequence "xi" are transcribed letter by letter, even if these words allow their transcription in groups or as a whole. For example, the word "xylophone".