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Unknown characters during Braille preparation

When preparing a document in Braille, unknown characters may be detected in the document. This happens when the document has characters not present in the Braille table that is used for the preparation.

Despite the unknown characters, the Braille document can still be printed. However, in the event of an excessive number of unknown characters, one of the following steps should be taken.

- Add the characters to the Braille table that you use to prepare your document. If you use a predefined Braille table, you will need to create your own Braille table.

The characters can be added through the Unknown Characters window, or by entering the Properties of the Braille table to which you wish to add them.

- You return to the document to edit or remove unknown characters. This is useful if these characters are errors.

The Unknown Characters window has a list where undetected characters are shown. The list is associated with a contextual menu containing the command Add. Add, also present as button, start the procedure to add the selected character to the braille table you want.