Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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The Titles tab

This tab contains settings for transcribing titles and indexes. These settings can only be stored in the open document, or in the chosen configuration profile, i.e. maintained as settings for any uploaded document.

- Marking of titles: this box is used to select whether to indicate titles with an external cell on the margin. The cell in the margin lets you know the level of the title in which you are;

- Cell Reduction: In order for a title to be distinguishable from plain text, this box allows you to choose how many cells to reduce the horizontal size of the sheet, for titles only. In this way a title will be more evident than the normal text;

- Title Division: If a title is more extensive than a braille line, you must divide it into multiple lines. To prevent a line from displaying a few characters, this box is used to select the percentage to use for dividing a title into several lines;

- Type of numbering: this box is used to select the type of numbering to be adopted with the numbers present in the index lines and in the marking of the titles. Only numbers without a prefix are used to mark titles, i.e. only one cell. The numbers in the Antoine system consist of the normal numbers represented by adding the Braille 6 point. The numbers with the system in second position consist of the normal numbers represented with the lower points of the cell;

- Digits decimal numbers: from this box you can choose the maximum size of the decimal digits present in the page numbers of the indexes. You need to specify this value to optimize the preparation of index lines. The default is 4, which is useful for decimal numbers from 0 to 9999. If the braille pages of the document you are printing are less than 1000, you can reduce the value to 3;

- Roman numerals: As for the previous box, if the index pages are expressed in Roman numerals, it is important to choose the maximum size of the Roman numerals from this box. The default value is 8.