Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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The Graphic tab

This tab contains settings for printing the tactile graphics contained in documents. These settings can only be stored in the open document, or in the chosen configuration profile, i.e. maintained as settings for any uploaded document.

- Graphics transcription: the box where you choose how to print the tactile graphs in the document. You can choose to print only the descriptor, that is the line that describes the graph, only the tactile graph, graphs and descriptor etc.;

- Graphic indicator: box from which you choose whether and how to print the graphic indicator, a braille cell on the left or right margin next to the descriptor. The indicator is useful for identifying the presence of a graphic on the page by touch;

- Code: This box contains the braille cell points to be used as an indicator;

- Graph Descriptor: This box contains the tactile graph descriptor mask. It is a very important field that is used for the Braille transcription of graphics. By pressing the Menu/Apps button or right-clicking on it, a context menu appears containing the variables that can be used. If this field is left blank, the descriptions of the graphs will not be printed in the Braille document. For descriptions to be printed, this field should contain at least the variable '%ALT'. The description is assigned to the images by entering the properties of each image, Braille tab, Description field.