Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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The Codes tab of a Braille table

The Codes tab contains fields and commands for adding or modifying braille codes in the table.

The main field of the tab is a list, containing all the codes and their management commands. The code list is divided into four columns:

- Text: describes the string or text character to perform the Braille translation for;

- Code: describes the Braille numeric sequences with which to perform the translation;

- Braille: shows the representation of the code in braille cells. With an outdated version of Windows this feature only shows squares;

- Conditions: Describes the element properties that condition the translation, such as case-sensitive and regular expression line.

All codes in the list are sorted alphabetically. The list is associated with a context menu containing all the management commands.

Other fields on the Codes tab are the Add, Delete, Properties, Search buttons and the navigation arrows for a code. The same commands are also contained in the context menu associated with the list.

Due to the wealth of transcription conditions that can be associated with a code, it is possible to add more braille codes with the same text string. Braille preparation also uses codes based on their priority. Priority is given to the position of the code in the list compared to a similar code.

To change the priority of a code, simply use the Move Up and Move Down commands, the arrow buttons beside the list or the commands contained in the context menu. The priority can only be changed for codes that have the same text string.