Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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The Advanced tab of a Braille table

The Advanced tab contains the file name in which the table is stored and a list of characters that can be used for interpreting numbers and dates.

The file name is a read-only field that indicates the location where the table is stored.

The list of separation characters contains four codes that can be used for interpreting numbers and dates. The four codes are: Thousands Separator; Decimal Separator; Date Separator; Time Separator. If you do not specify these characters, Biblos will use those set in the operating system.

Configuring separation characters in a braille table is useful when using a different language table than the one set in the operating system. For example, if a unified English Braille table is used in an Italian system to print texts written in English, if the English table does not contain separation characters, floating point numbers are misinterpreted, since in English-speaking countries the point is used as a decimal separator, while in Italy the comma is used.