Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Specific settings of some Braille embossers

This help contains information to help you set up certain models of Braille embossers.


In order for you to correctly use the braille model of your ET (Enabling Technologies) printers, you must ensure that you have enabled your printer to receive escape codes. This is done only once:

Turn on the printer and wait for the start sequence to complete. When ready, the printer will emit a musical theme;

Press the OL key, to set the printer to OffLine status. The OL key is located on the top right of the printer keypad;

Enter the keystrokes into the keypad of the printer, as shown below. The ENTER key is marked with the letter E. The separating dot must not be omitted;

Type: 0.1E - You enter the first setup of settings, usually the one used. If you are using another setup number, replace 1 with the desired setup number;

Type: 23.1E - The printer is enabled to recognize the escape codes;

Type: 1.1E - The settings are saved and the printer is operational again.

The printer is now enabled to receive Braille and tactile codes. Therefore it is now possible to take advantage of all the basic and advanced configurations offered by Biblos.


Print configuration parameters

With the printer off, press keys 2 and 3, formfeed and park (leave them pressed).

Turn on the printer

When you hear a first sound release the 3 (park) button.

When you hear a second sound, release the 2 (formfeed) key.

Single or double sided

Put the paper in the printer

Turn on the printer

Wait for all printer heads to be left

Press the 3 button until you hear

a. One beep to select single sided printing

b.- Two beeps to select double-sided printing


This printer uses end-of-line and end-of-page codes other than the standard ones. Therefore you need to open the Braille Settings, Advanced tab and set:

End of line code: ^$81

End of page code: ^$83