Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Scrolling to a braille document page

The document prepared for printing in Braille has only a linear index of its pages. To move to a different type of page, it is useful to use the "Go to page" window, specially developed for this operation.

From the Page type field you choose the type of page you want to move on. You can move to a braille page, an ink page, or a real page. If the latter type of page does not exist in the document, the page selection field will not be available.

The Page field is used to choose which page to move to. This is a spinbox field where you can type the page number, choose it with the vertical arrows or use the mouse. The permitted values depend on the type of page you choose.

After confirming on the Ok button, the braille preview will show the page of the braille document to which the selected page type refers. For example, if you choose ink page 5, the preview will show the braille page 16, which is the page of the braille document that refers to ink page 5.