Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Range of pages to print

After you have prepared your document for Braille printing, you can choose whether to print all or part of the pages that compose it. This choice is made from a combobox using the mouse or the vertical arrows. The possible choices are:

- All pages in the document. all braille pages in the document will be printed. The total of pages, graphs and sheets shall be indicated in the field below (next) the box;

- Manual Page Sequence: In the next field, you can manually write the pages you want to print. For more information read the relevant help;

- Choose page range: From two spinbox controls, you can choose the range of pages to print. The interval consists of the start page and the end page you want to print;

- Choose the range of sheets: Instead of choosing individual pages, you can choose which sheet of paper to print from in these spin fields. A sheet is the sheet of braille paper containing one or more pages. A two-sided printed sheet, for example, contains two pages;

- Selecting the paper bundle: In these spin fields you can choose the number of paper bundle to print, and how many paper bundle the paper bundle should be composed;

- Pages belonging to the layout: from a combined box it is possible to choose the layout of which to print the pages. This mode is available if your document has layouts.