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Insert a text

Wizard for inserting text in common characters in the graph. The entered text will use the font specified in a font instruction (read later).

- Text to be inserted: The field where you type the text to be inserted.

- X and Y coordinate: coordinate of the text to be inserted in the graph. These values draw the text in the graph according to the selected origin point.

- Origin point: What type of origin should the coordinate entered in the above fields have. For example, if you choose that the X and Y coordinate should have the origin point in the center of the text, the text is drawn around the entered coordinate, in other words, it is centered.

If the text to be drawn exceeds the size of the graph, it will not be reported at the end, but will be truncated.

To choose the font you want the text to be written with, click the Font command. The Font type window appears, from which you choose the desired font and style. The character type instruction must be used before the instruction to draw text.