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Insert a regular polygon

Wizard for inserting a regular polygon into the tactile graph. A regular polygon consists of a polygon with sides of equal length and angles of equal amplitude. The regular polygon is to be considered as a figure inscribed inside a circle. To do this, you must enter the coordinates of the center of the polygon, the length of the radius, and the number of sides.

- Coordinates of the center of the X and Y polygon: Pair of values indicating the center of the regular polygon;

- Number of sides: value indicating the number of segments of the regular polygon. A regular polygon can have a minimum of three sides. By increasing the number of sides, the polygon will increasingly resemble the circle in which it is inscribed;

- Radius length: value that indicates the length of the radius, i.e. the distance between the center of the polygon and the vertex of any corner of the polygon, a point that touches the circumference of the circle.