Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Insert a Braille Text

Wizard with which you can add braille text to the graph. The inserted text will use the Braille type set with the Braille Type instruction (see the Braille Type window).

- Text to be inserted: The field where you type the text to be inserted.

- X and Y coordinate: coordinate of the text to be inserted in the graph. These values draw the braille cells in the graph, depending on the selected origin point.

- Origin point: What type of origin should the coordinate entered in the above fields have. For example, if you choose that the X and Y coordinate should have the origin point in the center of the text, the text is drawn around the entered coordinate, in other words, it is centered.

- Free alignment of points: If this box is not activated, the braille cells are aligned according to the multiple of their points. When activated, the braille cells exactly match the entered coordinate of the origin.

If the braille text to be drawn exceeds the size of the graph, it will be truncated.