Blind, Braille and Embossing Technologies

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Export the braille tables

Braille tables can be exported to an archive, in order to share, store, transfer to other computers. Exportable tables are only personal tables. The archive created by Biblos has a BBA extension (Biblos Braille Archive) and is basically a compressed file.

The export is divided into two phases:

- in the first step, a dialog box appears in which you can specify the name of the file on which to export the tables. This is a classic save window, containing all the fields to choose the path and the name of the file on which to export the Braille tables;

- in the second step, a list with the braille tables to export is shown. You must select the tables you want to export. All tables are initially selected. To select or deselect a table, click the left mouse button on the check mark to the side or press the space bar on it. After selecting or deselecting the tables you want, click on the Export button and in a few seconds all the selected tables are exported to the archive specified in the first step. Then you return to the tables management window.

The exported archive can be re-imported using the import functionality.